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BG-Suna malaria mosquito trap for researchers

By admin, 05/25/2015 - 16:34

The new patented Biogents Suna trap (Malaria) for researchers is the latest innovation in mosquito traps and specifically built for the use against malaria mosquitoes, designed as eco-friendly trap for hanging. The underlying principle of capture was developed at the University of Regensburg and is composed of several factors:

artificially generated air plumes that mimic human skin,
skin odors,
visual cues and
carbon dioxide
attract together the mosquitoes and traps them in a catch bag.

Originally the eco-friendly BG-Suna was designed by Biogents together with the University of Wageningen during a major 3-year study about malaria control involving over 4000 households. With the help of these traps, our goal is to eliminate malaria on the island of Rusinga in Kenya. To provide electricity to run the traps, a locally produced solar panel was installed on each house along with two light fixtures and a charging point for mobile phones.

A) The surface of the robust plastic bottom cover is riddled with small holes that direct the air plumes out of the trap.
B) A shutter mechanism prevents the caught mosquitoes from escaping in case power supply fails for any reason.
C) The power supply cable can be directed through the lid.
D) You can move the lid up and fix it with the hook on a hanger to work undisturbed on the net.
E) An improved cable connection ensures watertightness.
F) We deliver two kinds of catch bags: A large catch bag that is attached to the ventilator and catches the mosquitoes that are sucked in through the ventilator. A small catch bag that is attached to the intake funnel before the ventilator and catches the mosquitoes before they are sucked in by the ventilator. This enables easier identification of the mosquitoes for monitoring purposes.

Easy to handle and operate
Environmentally friendly: does not use insecticides or pesticides
Trap for hanging, consisting of of robust plastic
Carbon dioxide is necessary to attract the mosquitoes
Weight: 1.05kg, dimension: 52 x 39 cm,
Energy-saving: 3,6 W, 230 VAC, 12 VDC

Carbon dioxide:
Various sources of carbon dioxide can be used and must be sourced separately. The carbon dioxide nozzle can be attached to a gas cylinder, to fermenting yeast, any well insulated dry ice container or another carbon dioxide source that fits your preference and that is placed away from the trap.

The BG-Suna Basic Version includes 1 trap lid, 1 bottom cover of trap with incorporated ventilator (12V DC, 3.6 W), 1 tripod assembly, 1 large catch bag, 1 small catch bag, 1 intake funnel with shutter (attached to the bottom cover), 1 carbon dioxide emitter spout (attached to the bottom cover), 1 battery connection and a 1.5 m carbon dioxide tube.

To run the trap off of electricity you can order a BG-Suna power ( with 220 V input, 12 V DC output, and 1 A).