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Aedes Mosquito Traps Malaysia | Made in Germany

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By admin, 05/18/2015 - 00:06

Picture : New upcoming versions of BG Sentinels traps due to be released in late 2015

The Biogents Mosquitaire trap (BG-Mosquitaire) is an eco-friendly mosquito trap for your garden that has been tried and tested worldwide. The underlying principle of capture was developed at the University of Regensburg. Here, factors that make humans so attractive to mosquitoes were decoded in more than 16 years of fundamental research here: Heat convection, carbon dioxide (used with the BG-Mosquitaire CO2), skin scent and light-and-dark contrasts.

The trap mimics these factors and sucks the approaching mosquitoes into a catch bag from which they cannot escape and where they die. The trap's high capture rate leads to a continuous decrease in mosquitoes when it is used permanently. No trap from other manufacturers offers a comparable combination of:

-high rate of capture
-specifity - does not damage beneficial insects like butterflies, bees or ladybugs
- and eco friendliness – uses no insecticides