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Tiger / Aedes Mosquitoes and Diseases

By admin, 05/18/2015 - 01:57

Mosquitoes require blood to develop their fertilized eggs. The female mosquitoes produce the eggs; therefore, they seek out other life forms, for example humans, to bite and ingest their essential blood meal. Male mosquitoes do not lay the eggs.

First and foremost, the aedes / tiger mosquitoes are capable of transmitting serious diseases such as Chikungunya and Dengue fever. They obtain these viruses from one bite of an infected human. The virus then begins to proliferate inside the mosquito and after roughly ten days the mosquito can transmit the disease to other humans with only one bite.
In addition to these hazardous threats, the tiger mosquitoes distinguish themselves from other mosquitoes by being day feeders. They are abnormally aggressive and persistent. Tiger mosquitoes mainly do not fly in large swarms so do not base success of the catch results on a large bulk of normal mosquitoes being caught but rather on the actual number of tiger mosquitoes that are caught.

Every mosquito species responds differently to the various signals that are emitted by their prey. Aedes / Tiger mosquitoes react to a combination of particular visual signals, air plumes, and specific scents of the human skin. The Biogents® Mosquitaire™ trap is highly efficient because it is specifically developed for tiger mosquitoes. It is a patented combination of visual signals, artificially generated air plumes, and a patented 3-component-scent that mimics human skin and further enhances the efficiency of the trap.

Aedes / Tiger mosquitoes are not bigger than normal mosquitoes. In fact, they are often somewhat smaller. Their entire body is accentuated with white-silvery markings. Aedes / Tiger mosquitoes are primarily recognized by their white-silvery stripes that begin between their eyes and continue down the middle of their back. Their hind legs also consist of the same color scheme so that they look like black and white ringed segments.

Aedes / Tiger mosquitoes are originally from Southeast Asia; however over the last 25 years, they have dispersed to many different regions around the world. Now you can find aedes / tiger mosquitoes in parts of Africa and the Americas. They are also prevalent in Europe where Italy is predominantly affected by them. There are very few regions in Italy where the aedes / tiger mosquitos have not yet made themselves at home.