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Aedes Mosquito Traps Malaysia | Made in Germany

BG-Sentinel Aedes/Tiger mosquito trap , Malaysia

By admin, 05/22/2015 - 03:17

Worldwide there are approximately 3000 different species of mosquitoes. Every different mosquito species responds differently to variable signals. Therefore, to maximize the catch of a particular species of mosquito it is almost necessary to develop a trap that is specialized for that particular mosquito. Biogents has achieved this by specializing on the most dangerous mosquito species, the tiger mosquitoes. The BG-Mosquitaire trap is so efficient because it uses a patented combination of visual signals, artificially generated air plumes, and a patented 3-component scent imitator called the Biogents Sweetscent that mimics human skin. These features have been specifically developed for the tiger mosquito. As per the catching of tiger mosquitoes, the BG-Mosquitaire trap is significantly better than all other mosquito traps.

Typically, at least 80% of the captured insects from the BG-Mosquitaire trap are Aedes mosquitoes. The rest consists of a couple other species of mosquitoes.

Does the BG-Mosquitaire trap catch other beneficial insects such as butterflies or lady bugs?
No, due to its specialization for tiger mosquitoes the BG-Mosquitaire trap does not catch any harmless or beneficial insects like butterflies or ladybugs, unlike other mosquito traps such as light traps. For that reason, the BG-Mosquitaire trap is exceptionally environmental friendly.

One type of signal that the tiger mosquitoes respond to is a visual signal. The size of the air plume that is produced from the trap, as well as, the size and shape of the trap itself play an important role. The BG-Mosquitaire trap utilizes both these signals to ideally mimic a human body which is why it has that distinct size and width. A smaller trap could not attain the same efficiency against mosquitoes.Thats explained why the traps are have to be of a significantly big in size

One BG-Mosquitaire trap covers roughly the area of one medium-sized house and garden. Therefore take advantage of the fact that tiger mosquitoes are often flying around their surroundings on their quest for prey and sooner or later they will pass by a well placed trap