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RB Sentinel

Aedes Mosquito Traps Malaysia | Made in Germany

The Biogents Sweetscent™

BG Sentinel

The Biogents Sweetscent™ skin odor consists of a patented combination of non-toxic substances that are specifically found in the human skin. Each of the three components imitates a part of the main components of the human skin that mosquitoes are attracted to. This patented mixture of human skin compounds is a result of 16 years of academic research into the host-finding behaviour of mosquitoes at the Zoological Department of the University of Regensburg, Germany.

The Biogents Sweetscent™ skin odor is suitable for all Biogents traps (BG-Mosquitaire, BG-Mosquitito and BG-Mosquitaire CO2). For tiger mosquitoes it is alone already attractive enough to capture them, therefore suitable for the traps BG-Mosquitaire and BG-Mosquitito. For all other mosquitoes the Biogents Sweetscent™ skin odor should be used in combination with CO2 (BG-Mosquitaire CO2).

The particular light and permeable dispenser of the Sweetscent guarantees an optimally timed release of the scent into the surrounding area for up to 2 months.