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BG-CO2 Timer


Reduce your CO2 costs:The Biogents CO2 Timer allows you to control when CO2 is released by establishing specific start and stop times. It enables you to set up two start and end times to release CO2 each day.

• Control the release of CO2 to coincide with times of mosquito activity

• Reduce the CO2 consumption up to 75%

• Extend the longevity of your CO2 bottle and decrease your costs

• One BG-CO2 Timer can manage several traps simultaneously

• It can be used with all existing traps and runs off of a 9V battery (a battery lasts up to 9 month)

The BG-CO2 Timer is placed between the CO2 tank and the mosquito trap(s). Up to 5 traps can be connected to a single timer.

The BG-CO2 Timer consists of a body with a display and buttons to set up the release times, two connections to the CO2 tubes and a 9V battery..